Wash. police: Hundreds of college-age revelers clash with officers

Authorities say that hundreds of college-age revelers in Washington state clashed with police, who responded with pepper spray to help disperse them.

Police Sgt. Mike Scanlon says there were multiple arrests during the melee late Saturday and early Sunday in Bellingham.

He says the situation with an intoxicated crowd turned into "pretty much an out and out riot."

The unrest began as police broke up a large party with many revelers then moving to a nearby park, where they were joined by others until up to 500 people had gathered.

Scanlon says that as police tried to clear the park the crowd began hurling projectiles.

The police response included pepper spray and it took about 45 minutes to clear the area.

Scanlon said that he didn't have a more exact figure on arrests. And he said he didn't know if there were any injuries.