Warrant: Handwriting analysis error delayed authorities linking Durst to California killing

A search warrant says that a document examiner's erroneous handwriting analysis 14 years ago delayed authorities in nking millionaire Robert Durst to a friend's death until after he was accused of killing someone else.

Durst was arrested in New Orleans over the weekend and charged with murder in California for the December 2000 shooting death of Susan Berman. Durst's arrest came shortly before the finale of an HBO series about him.

Berman was a friend who acted as Durst's spokeswoman after his wife disappeared in 1982. After Berman's death, Durst was accused of killing a 71-year-old neighbor in Texas whose chopped up body was found in Galveston Bay. Durst was acquitted of murder in that killing.

Authorities searched Durst's Houston home Tuesday. The warrant details the timeline of the Berman case.