Virginia father pays last child support payment with 80,000 pennies, report says

The money was donated to charity

The father of a Virginia teen paid his last child support payment by dumping 80,000 pennies on his estranged daughter’s front lawn, reports said. reported that the teen and her mother collected the pennies and decided to donate the $800 to Safe Harbor, a domestic abuse center.

Avery Sanford, who is 18 and hasn’t spoken to her father in years, told the station that her father, who was not named in the report, rented a trailer and pulled in front of the house in Richmond. He proceeded to dump the change on the grass.  Her mother asked him what he was doing, and he said, "It’s your final child support payment."

"It’s not just my mom he’s trying to embarrass, it’s also me and my sister and it’s upsetting that he didn’t consider that before he did that," she said.

The father told the station that his emotions got the best of him and he regrets the decision.


Cathy Easter, executive director of Safe Harbor, told the Washington Post, "They were able to turn such a negative experience, and what her daughter witnessed, into a positive. They found a way to turn this around and not feel devastated about it."