Veteran fights apartment complex over his American flag display

A Henderson, Nevada Army veteran has been told he can’t fly his American flag, at least not the way he wants to.

Ken Jackson’s giant American flag appears at the Crystal Creek apartment complex. The management wants the flag displayed in a different manner. Jackson said that’s something he shouldn’t have to do.

Jackson has lived at the complex for five years and has been flying his flag on his patio for the last three. Management last week told him it needs to come down.

“I told her I’m a vet, I have the right to fly it. She goes, ‘You do have the right to fly it, you have the right to hang it, but it has to be on a pole,’” Jackson said.

Jackson said the flag is attached to a homemade pole in an appropriate manner. Management disagrees.

According to management’s code, if a resident wants to display an American flag, it must be on a pole, and the pole must be attached within the confines of the patio. It can’t be attached to the outside of the building.

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