Utah teen pleads guilty to murder in deaths of 2 younger brothers as part of plea deal

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A Utah teenager is pleading guilty to intentionally and knowingly stabbing his two younger brothers to death as part of a plea deal.

The 16-year-old agreed to the deal Wednesday in a court in Farmington.

The agreement calls for him to serve time for one count of murder in juvenile detention until he turns 21. At that time, he'll be transferred into the adult court system and serve a sentence of 15 years to life in adult jail.

The agreement brings resolution to a case that sent shockwaves through the middle-class subdivision where the family lives in West Point, a city of 9,800 about 25 miles north of Salt Lake City.

The teen's younger brothers, 4 and 10, were found dead in May 2013. The Associated Press is not revealing his name because of his age.