US postal worker suspended without pay for hoarding mail

Not all unwanted mail ends up in a junk pile.

A US Postal Service worker in Texas with 36 years on the job was suspended without pay last week after her bosses discovered she had been hoarding bulk mail – a habit she says has gone on for 10 years.

Karen Samford, 72, of Houston, says she took mail that was going to be discarded and none of it ever had any value, but took enough each year to stuff a big box truck, MyFoxHouston reports.

Samford kept the mail at her home and in rented storage units.

"This is a hoarding problem," she told MyFoxHouston. "I see things in some little piece of paper that maybe I want to read it or save it, and that's what happens."

Samford’s supervisor discovered her habit when bulk mail was found in her office.

A US Postal Service representative said the organization is conducting an ongoing investigation on Samford, who has yet to face charges.

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