Turkey gone wild: Massachusetts cops search for bird accused of breaking and entering, chasing police cruiser

A Massachusetts police officer on patrol earlier this week got a surprise when he was chased down the road by a rogue turkey.

Cheshire Police Officer Dylan Vandoloski took the video of the feathered bird trotting behind his cruiser and said it tried to get into the vehicle through an open window. He had to no explanation as to why.

Pittsfield Police Officer Darren Derby shared the video through his police department’s social media accounts on Tuesday, requesting help from the community to identify the subject.

Derby told the Boston Globe that the turkey was “armed and delicious,” adding that based on feedback from social media, the bird is well known around Cheshire for its antics.

Folks on social media had some fun at the turkey’s expense, with one saying: “I’m sure the subject will turn up again next week!”

Another person wrote: “The turkey is fearless he goes after everything and everyone.”

Wild turkeys have recently been embracing bold tactics to retain their freedom.

In Johnson, Rhode Island, one turkey was the talk of the town for months after resisting significant efforts to relocate him from his favorite hangout in the Town Hall parking lot, Boston 25 reported