After becoming the face of prison reform, Alice Marie Johnson is now the star of an $11 million Super Bowl LIV ad paid for President Trump’s reelection campaign.

The great-grandmother, once sentenced to a lifetime behind bars for nonviolent drug charges, tweeted during the big game as the Kansas City Chiefs took on the San Francisco 49ers, with the ad attached.

“Two Super Bowls ago I was sitting in a prison cell," she wrote. "Today I am a free woman and my story was featured in a Super Bowl Ad. I will spend the rest of my life fighting for the wrongly and unjustly convicted! God Bless America!”

“Politicians talk about criminal justice reform,” the ad’s text reads. “President Trump got it done. Thousands of families are being reunited.”


Johnson is seen in the commercial thanking Trump and hugging her family.

Trump also tweeted the ad: “I promised to restore hope in America. That includes the least among us. Together, let’s KEEP AMERICA GREAT!”

The First Step Act is Trump's signature criminal justice reform.

The bipartisan movement to improve public safety and restore second chances came to fruition with the passage of the First Step Act.

Johnson was arrested in 1993 and convicted of drug conspiracy and money laundering in 1996, Mic reported.

A series of life-altering events led to her involvement with cocaine dealers. Johnson never dealt drugs but found herself acting as an intermediary on occasion.

Johnson said that her faith in God got her through her long prison stretch and gave her hope that one day she would get her freedom back.


"I knew that God was going to get me out. So many things he promised me he was constantly doing things -- it might seem like small things, but I'd pray for something, and it would materialize. God was speaking to my heart, ‘If I can take care of the small things, trust me with the big thing,’" Johnson told Ainsley Earhardt in an interview that aired on Fox News.