The latest in the case of a man accused of killing a Louisiana State Police trooper (all times local):


11 a.m.

Authorities have identified the man they say lived with the suspect in the fatal shooting of a Louisiana state trooper and owned the truck he drove when the officer tried to help him.

Calcasieu (KAL-kuh-shoo) Parish officials said Tuesday that the man is 54-year-old Blake L. Brewer. The man was found dead in his Moss Bluff home after the trooper's shooting.

Officials say suspect Kevin Daigle lived with Brewer, and authorities suspect Daigle was involved in his roommate's death.

The sheriff's office said that when he was interviewed by the state police, "Daigle led investigators to believe an altercation occurred between him and Brewer which led to Brewer's death."

Daigle, also 54, is accused of shooting Senior Trooper Steven Vincent, on Sunday evening. Officials say Vincent found the truck in a ditch and stopped to offer assistance to Daigle. Vincent died Monday.


3 a.m.

It was a frightening and dangerous scene: A state trooper lay bloodied on the ground as a man rifled through his pockets and tried to unholster his handgun.

Bystanders warned Robert LeDoux to not get too close. LeDoux ignored them and charged in anyway, tackling the man and helping to handcuff and hold on to him until police arrived.

Authorities are calling LeDoux a hero for apprehending the suspect, who has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of Senior Trooper Steven Vincent. Vincent was shot Sunday after he stopped to help the suspect, whose truck had fallen into a ditch. He died Monday.

LeDoux relayed his story to The Associated Press in an exclusive interview Monday. But he shied away from calling himself a hero.