A Texas woman was arrested after a bizarre encounter inside a Walmart store where she is accused of offering another shopper $500,000 to buy the woman’s baby, according to a report. 

Rebecca Taylor, 49, was charged with sale or purchase of a child and was released from the Houston County Sheriff’s Office on a $50,000 bond, Click 2 Houston reported.

Rebecca Lanette Taylor

Rebecca Lanette Taylor is accused of trying to purchase a child.

The alleged incident occurred at a store in Crockett, Texas, which is near Houston. The two women were reportedly on the self-checkout line last week. The mother — who was with her baby and 1-year-old — told police that the woman commented on her son’s blond hair and blue eyes and asked how much he costs, KETK.com reported. 

Walmart sign

The alleged incident reportedly occurred on a self-checkout line inside a Walmart.  (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The report, citing the affidavit, said the mother laughed off the comment, but the woman allegedly said she had $250,000 in her car. The mom claimed another woman was with Taylor at one point. The mother said she alerted authorities. 


The KETK report said the mother waited for the two women to leave the store. 

However, when the mom got to the parking lot, Taylor pressed the issue further and yelled at the mom that if $250,000 wasn't enough, then she would pay $500,000 "because she wanted him and she was going to take him," The Messenger reported, citing the affidavit.  

Taylor was allegedly standing behind a black SUV that was parked next to the mom's vehicle.  

Even after the mom locked her kids in the car, Taylor kept asking. 

Taylor eventually jumped into the SUV and the car drove off, according to the affidavit. 

Lt. Ahleea Price with the Crockett Police Department obtained a warrant for Taylor's arrest and brought her into custody on Jan. 18, according to The Messenger. 

Police said in the affidavit they watched video from the scene and it appeared to match the mother’s claim, the report said.