Texas suspect with 13 warrants attempted to carjack family with kids in car: police

The Texas man also had a knife in his hand when he attempted the carjacking

A Texas man with 13 active warrants allegedly attempted to carjack a man and his wife with their kids in the car.

The incident happened on Saturday afternoon on the 9200 block of I-10 West when the family attempted to look at what they thought to be an abandoned dog kennel that was on the side of the highway, according to KENS.

When the man got out of the car to check out the kennel, the suspect attempted to get in the car with a knife in his hand and began yelling at the man's wife, according to the report.

The suspect attempted to drive the car away with the wife and kids inside, but the parking brake stopped the car from moving. The man who went to look at the kennel then got back to the car, and the suspect got out, but continued to shout at the family while the knife was still in his hand.


San Antonio Police Department vehicle.

San Antonio Police Department vehicle. (San Antonio Police Department)

When police officers took the suspect into custody, according to the report, they found out there were 13 active warrants in his name.