Texas School Opts Out of Standardized Testing

One North Texas school district is doing its part to change the way the state tests students, MyFoxDFW reports.

The district decided to participate in a Senate bill that would allow a handful of schools to opt out of the state’s standardized testing known as STAAR in favor of randomly testing students.

It’s not shocking that New Tech High School signed on for the program because they already engage in very innovative classroom and teaching styles.

As opposed to having teachers write on chalkboards in front of rows of students, they instead favor project and group based learning.

“My learning isn’t limited to what I have to learn, so I can connect outside things. I can connect things I learned in Biology class to English class,” one student said.

The Senate bill would allow twenty schools to opt out of STAAR and instead randomly test students. Supporters say this new bill will accomplish two things: free educators from the dreaded “teaching the test” which involves cramming specific information in a short amount of time, and still allow the school the accountability of education it desires.

It will take at least four to five years until the new model would be approved.

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