Texas man says ex-girlfriend stole his sperm, had his child

A Louisiana man has filed suit against a Houston sperm donation clinic, alleging they gave his sperm to an ex-girlfriend who then had his child.

Layne Hardin said he made the sperm donation at Obstetrical and Gynecological Associates for another woman with whom he has a 12-year-old child, according to a KHOU.com report.

Hardin told the station his ex-girlfriend, Tobie Devall, walked into the clinic and "bluffed" her way into receiving two vials of his sperm. He claims she was in inseminated right after the clinic handed over the vials.

The paternity of the now two-year-old child has since been proven, Hardin's attorney, Cade Bernsen, told KHOU.com.

Devall's attorney, Lee Hoffoss, claims Hardin is a "money grubber" who told Devall that she could use his sperm to be inseminated and become pregnant, the station reported.

The doctor in charge of the sperm bank declined to comment to KHOU.com on the story.

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