Texas deputy grabs runaway 'bull by the horns,' escorts it home

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One deputy took a hands-on approach to a bull in Texas.

Samson the bull — a well-known member of the community — got loose on Saturday afternoon, and deputies were tasked with leading him home.

“We are told the neighborhood knows him well, and he is very gentle so it didn't take much to get him home," the sheriff’s office told Fox News, adding that he was escorted home that same afternoon.

A snapshot showing Samson being led by a deputy was published on the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page on Sunday.

“Only in Texas!!! Our Deputies believe in 'grabbing the bull by the horns' to get the job done! Onto the next call!! Never a boring day!” authorities captioned the picture.

The sheriff’s office added the hashtags "#Deputylife #CopLife #StruggleisReal.”


The post has received more than 1,300 reactions as of Tuesday afternoon. Dozens of Texans thanked the officers for helping the bull find his way back.

"I love it! This is only one of the reasons I love Texas," one woman commented on the Facebook post.

"Talking about above and beyond - this officer is committed to the welfare of all. Great job - brave man," another user commented.

"Just a ordinary day in the country, gotta love it," one man wrote, adding a thumbs-up emoji.

The sheriff’s office replied with a gif from a scene in “The Breakfast Club,” of a character saying, “Don’t mess with the bull young man. You’ll get the horns.”