Texas 90-year-old takes to the polls for the very first time

At 90 years old, it seems Cecilia O'Meara has done it all.

O'Meara has lived all over the world, speaks four languages, and has many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

But she had never gone to the polls, until Monday, MyFoxHouston.com reports.

"I was so excited, I cried," she said.


"She got all dressed up that morning, put on perfume and lipstick, and we went to vote," O'Meara's daughter, Suzana Bell, said.

With help from Bell, O'Meara went to her local library in The Woodlands and voted in person for the very first time.

"I was so proud and I was so emotional because I did it myself with my own fingers instead of signing and sending it back to the states," O'Meara told My Fox Houston.

"They gave her a little ‘I Voted' sticker and as we walked out, we were going towards the car and she started to cry," Bell said.

Born in Nicaragua, the great-grandmother was granted US citizenship in 1969.  Her late husband's work in international public relations took the family to many different countries.  Every time the presidential election rolled around, she had to vote absentee.

Finally living in the states again, she told her daughter, this was her year.

"I got her a voter registration card, I took her to the polls, I assisted her and had to be sworn in in order to do that," Bell said.

And O'Meara knew exactly who she was going to vote for.  She's always been interested in politics and reads the newspaper cover to cover every day.

"It makes me feel like I belong to the country," she said.  "I love this country, especially now in Texas.  I love Texas."

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