Tennessee man shot and killed during Craigslist gun sale

A Tennessee man was shot and killed Saturday during a meeting to sell guns to two men who answered an ad on Craigslist.

Joshua McLean, 30, of Nashville, and his brother met the two men at a Nashville shopping center Saturday night, according to a WTVF-TV report.

Joshua McLean's brother told police he heard two gunshots when Joshua got out of his car in the parking lot. Then he found his brother lying between two cars, bleeding. Officials believe Joshua was shot twice in the chest.

The men jumped into a vehicle and drove away. Joshua was taken to Vanderbilt Medical Center, where he later died from his wounds.

Police said Joshua and his brother were planning to sell guns, but they were recovered at the scene. The gun used to kill Joshua was not one of his own.

Officers are working with Craigslist to obtain any information on the people who were taking part in the transaction.

Craigslist.org has a list on its website of items users cannot advertise to sell. The list includes weapons, including "firearms, ammunition, silencers, pellet/BB guns, tear gas or stun guns."

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