Teenager arrested for using stun gun on 7-year-old boy

Authorities in the New Orleans area say a teenager has been arrested after he used a stun gun on a 7-year-old boy, causing burns and blisters to the boy's back.

News outlets report 19-year-old Kevin Alexis is accused of zapping the boy Friday. Alexis told police he was "playing around" when he grabbed a stun gun from his kitchen window and began chasing neighborhood children around with the device. Authorities say he would turn on the stun gun to scare the children.

Kenner police Lt. Brian McGregor says the boy's mother noticed the blisters and burn marks on his back when the boy returned home and she contacted police. The boy's condition is unknown.

Alexis was charged with battery and cruelty to a juvenile. It's unclear if he has a lawyer.