Teen fisherman lands 7-foot shark in New Jersey

Just in time for "Sharknado 4."

A New Jersey teen reeled in a 200-pound sand tiger shark at Long Beach Island on Sunday, pulling the surprise catch onto the shore before releasing it back into the water, FOX5 reported.

Gianni Mandile, 13, caught the seven-foot shark with help from his dad, Joe.

“He saw it first,” Joe told WABC. “As the wave curled, he saw the silhouette of the shark in the wave and he said, ‘Dad it’s big, it’s a big shark!’”

Video showed the shark put up a fight, but father and son eventually were able to pull it to shore.

Gianni has been fishing since he was 3 years old. He said at first, he thought the catch was a stingray.

“I didn’t expect to catch something that big,” Gianni told WPVI-6. “Because other people have caught those types of fish, but usually at night. So I wasn’t expecting to catch it in the middle of the day.”

Officials up and down the Northeast have warned about sharks swimming along the Atlantic coast throughout the summer. Officials briefly closed the famous beaches of New York's Coney Island last week after multiple sharks were spotted in the water nearby.

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