An Oklahoma high school student was arrested after a cab driver reported hearing him plot a Columbine-style shooting at his school, police said.

Timmy Eike, 18, who would have been a senior this fall at Woodward High School, was arrested Tuesday after police found a shotgun, rifle and 250 rounds of ammunition in his bedroom, according to KWTV, News 9.


According to KWTV, court records show Eike bought those weapons illegally in the past month.

Law enforcement authorities were led to Eike by a cab driver who told the station he drove Eike to work at Walmart several times in recent weeks, and the teen spoke of killing people, hiding bodies and getting out of the country.

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"I did what I figured anybody else would have done," said the cab driver, who wishes to remain anonymous.

Eike is charged with unlawful possession of a firearm and lying to a licensed dealer about his mental condition, according to KSWO-TV.

A judge will decide on Monday whether he can be released on bond.

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