A SWAT team stormed into an Indianapolis home early Friday, rescuing three hostages who had been taken captive by an armed suspect, reports said.

The suspect had earlier led police on a car chase after trying to escape following a 1 a.m. traffic stop, WRTV-TV of Indianapolis reported. The suspect eventually left his vehicle and ran into the home.

SWAT negotiators were able to communicate with a woman inside the home who said the suspect would not let her leave, the station reported.

An officer using a bullhorn around 4:30 a.m. demanded that the suspect leave, WISH-TV reported. But the suspect didn’t appear to have cooperated.

Using a diversionary device, the SWAT team burst into the home, WRTV reported. The three hostages -- two female and one male -- were rescued safely, the report said.

The suspect involved in the chase was taken into custody. A second suspect, possibly previously acquainted with the gunman, was taken into custody on a possible out-of-county warrant, according to reports.