Students at Massachusetts College Expelled Over Video of Alleged Assault on Student

Several students at a Massachusetts college have reportedly been expelled after one of them was allegedly caught on tape assaulting a classmate over a pair of sneakers.

The taped attack allegedly occurred Friday afternoon at Dean College in Franklin, Mass., and was posted to the Internet on Monday, Fox affiliate WFXT-TV reported.

The video, which appeared on YouTube, shows one student allegedly beating another on campus outside the admissions building.

School officials told the station that the fight started over a pair of sneakers that the alleged attacker claimed the victim had stolen from him.

The alleged victim, who has not been publicly identified, was treated for his injuries and released, according to the station.

The school said in a statement that "swift disciplinary action was taken" following the incident.

"The student who was responsible for initiating the altercation was separated from the college on Friday evening," the school said.

"That video has provided additional insight and disturbing views of what transpired," the statement said. "We are taking a careful look at any person who may have been involved in this incident and we will deal with students in a manner that is in keeping with the standards of civility and personal responsibility that is expected of all Dean students, faculty and staff. As of Monday morning, additional students have been separated from the college in keeping with the judicial standards set forth and agreed to by all members of the Dean community."

The school said the incident remains under investigation.

GRAPHIC WARNING: Click here to see the video