Student suspended for 10 days for accidentally bringing pocket knife to football game, attorney says

A Pennsylvania high school student has been suspended for what his attorney calls “doing the right thing” – handing in a pocket knife that he accidentally brought to a football game.

David Schaffner III, 16, was cutting branches near his hunting tree stand behind his home in Fox Chapel on Friday before he went to his school’s football game, his father, David, told CBS Pittsburgh.

Schaffner's attorney, Phil Dilucente, said Schaffner forgot he had the pocket knife on him and turned it in to a security guard at the game, reports.

Schaffner was asked to leave the game and on Monday was handed a 10-day out-of-school suspension by the Fox Chapel Area school district. The district’s parent-student handbook says students who bring weapons to school or school-related events – including knifes and firearms – can be expelled for a year, reports.

District spokeswoman Bonnie Berzonski would not comment on the suspension, citing privacy concerns, but said the superintendant can change the sanctions on a case-by-case basis.

Dilucente said he has been in discussions with school officials to shorten the suspension.

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