SEE IT: Strong winds blow over tractor-trailer traveling in Texas

A tractor-trailer was captured on video completely toppling over by strong gusts of winds while driving down a highway in north Texas.

Video from the incredible moment was captured by Amarillo's KVII-TV.

The truck was one of several rigs that were toppled over by extreme wind exceeding 70 mph in north Texas and New Mexico on Wednesday, KFDA reported. In some areas, trees were uprooted by the wind and tossed onto vehicles and homes, the report said.

The exact location of the truck in the video and the condition of its driver was not immediately clear.

Emergency officials in Johnson County say a mobile home rolled onto a parked vehicle about 20 miles south of Fort Worth. One person in the residence, near Cleburne, was injured.


Amarillo residents cited in the report called the weather the most extreme the area has ever experienced.

The Associated Press contributed to this report