Strauss-Kahn lawyers: Law in NYC maid's suit vague

Dominique Strauss-Kahn's lawyers are taking aim at a gender-motivated-violence law that a New York City hotel maid is invoking in her lawsuit against him.

His lawyers filed court papers Wednesday. They say the 12-year-old city law is "impermissibly vague." They're asking a judge to throw out that portion of the housekeeper's lawsuit.

Her attorneys say they're confident the challenge will prove futile.

She says the former International Monetary Fund chief sexually assaulted her in his suite in May 2011. He says the encounter was consensual.

A criminal case was dropped, but the maid is pursuing the allegations in a lawsuit.

Besides citing the gender-based violence law, it makes assault and other claims that are more commonly argued.

Strauss-Kahn also is suing her. He's making defamation and other claims.