Soldier, ex-soldier accused of hired murder plot

Authorities say a soldier and a recently discharged soldier were arrested in Texas after being caught in a murder-for-hire scheme by undercover agents acting as members of a Mexican drug cartel.

A federal indictment filed Monday alleges that Sgt. Samuel Walker and former Lt. Kevin Corley thought they were working with the Zetas when they agreed to kill members of a rival gang and recover stolen cocaine in exchange for $50,000 and drugs.

Corley also is accused of selling military-grade weapons to the agents and offering training.

The 28-year-old Walker is stationed at Fort Carson in Colorado. The 29-year-old Corley was stationed there before he was discharged this month.

Both face firearm, drug and conspiracy charges.

A third suspect, Corley's cousin, was fatally shot during the arrests Saturday in Laredo.