San Antonio police reopen Walmart security guard's 1994 cold case killing

A new report says San Antonio police have reopened the cold case murder of a Walmart security guard.

James Fogle, 30, was shot and killed when he interrupted an overnight burglary on Jan. 20, 1994, and police believe there are people who know what happened, KSAT-TV reported Friday.

"I think after 22 years, somebody's conscience may be weighing heavy on them where they may feel that they can call in and not necessarily leave a name, but give us some new information on the case," cold case Detective Michael DeLeon told the station.

Fogle was killed responding to a burglary alarm. He was shot multiple times in the back and died instantly.

Tipsters called police with leads after the murder, but none led to any arrests.

The building on San Antonio’s south side is no longer a Walmart and wasn’t equipped with surveillance cameras.

Another security guard heard shots and called police, but DeLeon said there may be other witnesses.

“There are other people who were working that night who were not interviewed, so we are at the point now where we can go back and look at the employees, look at the timesheets that we have and bring in some of those employees that were there that night that were not interviewed and see if they can shed some new light on this,” DeLeon told the station.