Road rage attack leaves couple brutally beaten, police say

An Oregon man broke a woman’s arm, beat her and then attacked her fiancée in a bitter road rage attack Friday night, police said.

Jay Allen Barbeau, 49, of Redmond, was arrested on three counts of assault and single counts of criminal mischief and reckless driving, according to The Oregonian. He is being held in Deschutes County Jail.

Megan Stackhouse and Lucina Mann were both injured in the attack at a traffic circle in Bend, The Oregonian reported. The couple had just left a carnival when they were trying to merge into heavy traffic and pulled in front of a truck.

The truck, which Barbeau was allegedly driving, tailed the women for blocks, Stackhouse told the newspaper. She said she pulled over on a road to let the man pass, but instead he got out of his car and attacked them.

Barbeau shattered the couple's rear window with his fist and then reached into the car, grabbed Stackhouse’s arm through the open driver’s side window and bent it until it snapped, she said.

“It was a compound fracture,” Stackhouse told The Oregonian.

Mann then tried to run around to stop the attack when Barbeau threw her down head first onto the concrete, knocking her unconscious, according to the newspaper. Stackhouse said she recalled a female passenger who was with Barbeau urge him to flee the scene.

Officers arrived on the scene before Barbeau could flee.