A Rhode Island narcotics detective has pleaded guilty to drug charges in a widespread state police investigation that netted three other Providence police officers.

Joseph Colanduono (KAHL'-ahn-DWAH'-noh) faces up to 10 years in prison when he is sentenced next month.

Colanduono entered his plea Thursday. Two dozen people have been indicted in the probe. One man, Albert Hamlin, the brother of another charged officer, has pleaded guilty to drug-dealing charges.

Prosecutors say Colanduono facilitated drug deals between Hamlin, an informant, and another officer and shielded him from arrest.

Colanduono's lawyer declined to comment after the hearing. His wife said she was relieved the ordeal was over.

Colanduono served on a Drug Enforcement Administration task force until his arrest. He and the other officers have been suspended.