Rescue being set up for 2 hikers stranded by storm near top of Colorado peak

A rescue operation is being organized to help save a pair of hikers stranded on a 14,200-foot Colorado peak by an ice storm for the past two days.

The same storm system that blasted Colorado with rain caused the ice that stranded 32-year-old Connie Yang and 33-year-old Suzanne Turell .

Employers and family members say the two set out a week ago on a backpacking trip in Rocky Mountain National Park. They got stranded near the top of Longs Peak.

The women, from York, Maine, work for New Hampshire-based outdoor gear manufacturer NEMO Equipment Inc. They last sent a text message more than 24 hours ago seeking a rescue, before their phone batteries died.

The women said they were hunkered down inside a tent in whiteout conditions.