Principal surprises student with invitation to 'mother-son' dance

Nine-year-old Mason Tucker's attends Rockport Elementary school where they have a mother son dance every year.

Mason's mom is not in the picture so when his school's annual mother son dance rolled around he really had no interest in going.

His dad, Zack, offered for his grandmother or aunt to take him to the dance but Mason still didn’t want to go.

Then Mason's principal Ms. Janine Hueter pulled him aside after school and invited him to go with her, and his plans suddenly changed.

"I said hey, would you mind going with me tonight to the dance, if your dad will bring you up I would be more than happy for you to join my boys and me for mother son night," said Hueter.

Zack said Mason was ecstatic when he got into the car and told him about the invitation.

He said as a single dad that gesture means the world to him and he doesn't know how to thank Hueter enough.

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