Police to update slaying of Las Vegas mom in road confrontation after daughter driving lesson

Cars, auto shows and racing were a part of life for Robert and Tammy Meyers and their four children before and after they moved from Southern California to Las Vegas.

Tammy Meyers' death revolved around cars, too.

No arrests have been reported and police in Las Vegas promised an update later Tuesday in the investigation into the slaying of the 44-year-old Las Vegas mother of four who was shot in the head following a road rage argument with people in another car last week.

A 21-year-old son, Robert Meyers Jr., said during a brief telephone interview that he and his family hoped for answers. Friends also planned an evening vigil at the shooting scene.

Police have said Tammy Meyers was in what they called a near-collision and argument with people in another car that followed as she drove home late last Thursday night from a school parking lot where she had been giving her 14-year-old daughter a driving lesson. Her daughter ran into the house before gunfire erupted.

Cars remained a theme when Robert Meyers provided a photo of Tammy Meyers to reporters Friday during an emotional appearance outside his house.

It shows her posing with a two-tone charcoal and orange 1950s Chevrolet sedan at an auto show.

Robert Meyers later offered their lovingly restored 1965 Chevrolet El Camino as a reward for information about the three men he thinks his wife argued with before the shooting.

Robert Meyers Jr. said his dad gave up drag racing a few years ago, but used to test his time at tracks in California and Nevada.

Police released a sketch of one man believed to be in his mid-20s with blond hair and blue or hazel eyes, and said the car that fled the scene ay have been a silver or gray four-door sedan.

The Meyers family's green Buick Park Avenue sedan bore slight damage to molding on the passenger side.

Robert Meyers was in Southern California at the time of the shooting.

He said his son, 23-year-old Brandon Meyers, emerged from the house and fired several shots with a 9mm handgun, and may have struck the fleeing car at least once.

Police said the vehicle may have bullet holes and damage to the front driver's side.