Authorities in Texas are investigating what they believe may be a case of Mexican drug violence spilling over the border after a stray bullet hit a University of Texas-El Paso campus building.
Officials said they believe the bullet flew across the border during a gun battle in Juarez Saturday evening.

"On Saturday, about 5 o'clock p.m., our agents heard what appeared to be gunfire. Seconds later we did confirm that there was a gunfight that had just ensued on the south side between Mexican authorities and unknown subjects," Ramiro Cordero, spokesperson for U.S. Border Patrol in El Paso told Fox News.

University officials said the bullet made its way through a window and was found lodged in a door frame in Bell Hall.

Cordero said realistically there's nothing the border patrol or police can do about "a round making it north."

"There's no way to stop it, of course; bullets don't know borders, but we were able to prevent anyone from coming into the United States and causing anybody harm," he told Fox News.

The school's president, Dr. Diana Natalicio, said campus police are working with other enforcement officials and will take any needed security measures, KFoxTV.com reported.

Cordero said they're all doing a great job.

You're looking at the most ruthless city in the world just across the river from the second safest city in the nation," he said. "Call it an irony, call it whatever you need to call it. It's the job of all these agencies working together that have been able to get this prestige to the city."

Police are doing ballistics tests on the stray bullet to determine whether or not it came from Mexico, Cordero said.

Natalicio said there is no reason to believe the university was a specific target in this attack, KFoxTV.com reported.