Police: Doc's waterboarding possibly an experiment

Police say a Delaware pediatrician who has researched near-death experiences may have been experimenting on his 11-year-old stepdaughter by waterboarding her.

In documents obtained by The Associated Press Tuesday, police said Dr. Melvin Morse brought the girl "to a possible near-death state from the simulation of drowning."

In an affidavit seeking permission to search Morse's computers, police say the waterboarding would fall into his area of study. Morse has received nationwide attention for his research into near-death experiences involving children.

Joe Hurley is an attorney for Morse. He says the idea that Morse was experimenting on his own daughter is "the sheerest of speculation."

Morse faces a preliminary hearing Thursday on felony child endangerment charges. Morse has said the charges against him stem from an overreaction by authorities.