Police: Couple held Colorado officers at gunpoint, took their gear before deadly scuffle

Authorities say a couple disarmed a Colorado wildlife officer, handcuffed a sheriff's deputy and briefly held them both on the ground at gunpoint before a struggle erupted and the man was shot and killed.

Neither officer was injured in the confrontation Monday near the small town of Dinosaur, about 10 miles from the Utah border. But police reports released Thursday show they were held at gunpoint on the side of a highway for several minutes after encountering the man and woman while investigating their suspicious SUV.

Investigators say 43-year-old Georgie Hand and 46-year-old James Damon stripped the officers of a firearm, stun guns and radios and nearly took one of their vehicles before Damon was shot.

Hand faces charges including attempted first-degree murder, kidnapping and disarming a peace officer.

Court records don't list Hand's attorney.