Plastic bag filled with '20 pounds of feces' plopped on San Francisco sidewalk: report

Residents in San Francisco were reportedly greeted by “the most atrocious smell” over the weekend, after someone dropped a large plastic bag filled with human waste on the sidewalk.

A Reddit user posted a screenshot of a report from the city’s Citizen app for identifying crimes on Saturday that said "twenty pounds of feces dumped onto sidewalk," The San Francisco Chronicle reported.

A spokeswoman for the city’s customer service number 311 said several reports were filed regarding “a large amount of waste," which she told the paper was a common occurrence in San Francisco – but noted this much was “not typical.”

Another Reddit user posted a picture of what he said "was the most atrocious smell I've ever smelled in San Francisco," the paper reported.

The matter was directed to the Public Works department.

The Reddit user, who claimed to have lived in the district for the past two years, said he has “seen open feces, smeared feces” but said, “I can't say I've seen anything like that.”

“I commend whoever put it in a bag. It could have been much worse,” the user said according to the paper.

A spokesman for San Francisco's Department of Public Works told the paper the mess was cleaned up Saturday evening, and a DNA sample was taken to determine the origin of the waste.

He told the paper it could be dogs, but regardless, he was just “glad it was in one place and in a bag.”

San Francisco is struggling to accommodate the thousands of homeless who have limited access to public restrooms, as complaints regarding human feces has increased exponentially between 2008 to 2018 to the tune of 400 percent, the paper reported citing date from 311.

Public restrooms have been added throughout the city, with plans to add five additional facilities, according to the paper.