Photo contest winners tour NYC's unfinished 1 World Trade Center, scheduled to open in 2014

Two men who are so entranced with 1 World Trade Center that they estimate they've shot thousands of photos of it have gotten a tour of the unfinished skyscraper after winning a photo contest.

William Duffy of Queens and Filip Michalowski (mih-kuh-LOHV'-skee) of Stamford, Conn., were two of the top three vote-getters in a contest on the 1 World Trade Center Facebook page.

The No. 1 vote-getter lives in Greece and will visit at another time.

Duffy and Michalowski each toured the building with family members on Friday.

They rode elevators up 105 stories to the roof and signed the base of the building's 408-foot spire.

Duffy is an air-conditioning technician who often works near the trade center.

Michalowski is an immigrant from Poland who is studying architecture.