Paramedic accused of deliberately hurting patients, bragging

A Tennessee paramedic is accused of intentionally hurting patients and then bragging about it online.

The Tennessean reported Monday that state records say 43-year-old Gordon Brett Stokes in 2016 intentionally had a less-experienced first responder drill into a patient's bone without anesthesia. Records say Stokes also had another first responder insert into that patient's nose a breathing tube coated in alcohol-based hand sanitizer instead of lubricant. They say he then bragged about the abuse on Facebook.

The Tennessee Board of Emergency Medical Services revoked Stokes' paramedic license last month. Stokes says he previously worked as a paramedic in Alaska, Florida, Hawaii and Afghanistan. He says his actions have been twisted by state officials, and he intends to sue to have his license reinstated so he can become a nurse.


Information from: The Tennessean,