A small private jet has crashed into a home about two and a quarter miles away from the end of the runway at Cobb County International Airport.

Some of the residents in the neighborhood said they witnessed the plane as it came down while they were hanging out in their backyard.

"I look up and I see a plane, i don't hear it, i just see it first, and I see it do a spin," said Hunter Scoggins. "It went over its nose and we just all covered our ears because we thought it would be loud."

"I noticed they were looking up in the sky and I see a plane going straight down, it was going down in a corkscrew fashion, it was really slow, I couldn't hear an engine," said John Perry.

WATCH: Smoke could be seen from miles around the crash.

Neighbors told FOX 5 News the family which lives in the home were at church at the time of the crash.

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