Ohio man charged after spray painting marriage proposal on store wall

24-year-old Kyle Stump of Sheffield Lake is crazy in love.

"I was thinking of a way to ask her and I was walking out of my garage and I saw a can of spray paint," said Stump.

But his crazy decision to spray paint his marriage proposal on the side of a building in Sheffield Lake back on March 18th has him facing criminal charges.

"We drive by there quite often so I knew she would see it. So, in the middle of the night I made it as big as I could," said Stump.

The graffiti spanned 30 feet, Sheffield police say.

"I started crying. I said yes, of course," said Michelle Astorino, fiance.

Police say they got an anonymous tip three days later that it was Stump.

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When they contacted him, he confessed to the whole thing.

"It didn't hurt anybody at all. So I will pay the fine and go on with my life," said Stump.