Ohio judge mulls 'Zombie Nativity' man's Ohio zoning case

It's still alive.

An Ohio judge plans to rule on March 15 on a man's challenge to zoning citations for a holiday "Zombie Nativity" display in his front yard.

Jasen Dixon faces thousands of dollars in fines from the Cincinnati suburb of Sycamore Township. His attorneys are urging Hamilton County Judge Brad Greenberg to dismiss the case, saying the township is trying to suppress his "artistic, political and religious speech." Greenberg heard arguments Tuesday.

Dixon has set up the display the last two Decembers. It features ghoulish figures in place of the baby Jesus and others in traditional Christmas Nativities.

Three protesters in horror makeup demonstrated for free expression Tuesday outside the courthouse.

Township officials have declared that they aren't anti-zombie but are enforcing rules about an improper "accessory use" structure — the manger.