Ohio death row inmate called his suicide 'inevitable,' angry that Cleveland kidnapper got life

An Ohio death row inmate who killed himself just days before his execution called his suicide inevitable in a three-page note and expressed resentment that Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro got a life sentence.

A report by the State Highway Patrol on the Aug. 4 suicide of Billy Slagle also says the inmate called his nearly three decades in prison torture and said he was taking his destiny into his own hands.

In the report released to The Associated Press on Thursday, Slagle also expressed resentment he was being put to death despite the county prosecutor opposing his execution.

The report says Slagle hanged himself with a belt that he hooked onto a conduit in his cell on death row at Chillicothe (chihl-ih-KAHTH'-ee) Correctional Institution.

Castro was found hanged a month later.