A baby who just couldn't wait was delivered in a car by a New York City police officer.

Police say they got a call about a woman in labor on the Long Island Expressway in Queens at 4:15 p.m. Saturday.

Officer Anthony Barton responded and spotted a Subaru and a man waving his arms to get the officer's attention.

A woman was sitting in the front seat with the baby's head crowning.

Barton radioed Officer Michael Pyzikiewicz (Puh-ZIH-kuh-witz), a trained paramedic, for instructions. Pyzikiewicz told Barton to keep the baby warm and clear the fluids from his mouth.

Barton delivered the baby boy and wrapped him in a blanket. Pyzikiewicz arrived in time to clamp the umbilical cord.

The mother and baby were taken to a hospital and are doing well.