NYC police stop and frisk numbers down nearly 80 percent, fewer guns and knives recovered

New York City police statistics show the number of street stops under the police department's heavily criticized stop-and-frisk tactic is down nearly 80 percent in recent months and officers are recovering fewer weapons.

There were 21,000 stops for July, August and September. Data obtained Monday show there were 106,000 stops during the same period last year.

Officers recovered 99 firearms, down from 198 last year. They collected 463 knives, down from 1,016.

The declines come around a federal judge's August ruling that the police department's tactic of stopping and questioning people based on reasonable suspicion of a crime unfairly targeted minorities. The judge ordered major reforms to the program. The ruling is on hold pending a city appeal.

The number of stops has been declining since May 2012, when police Commissioner Raymond Kelly revised training on the policy.