Alabama man serenades wife with Alzheimer's through window amid coronavirus nursing home restrictions

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An Alabama man sings “Amazing Grace” to his wife every day through her nursing home window because of coronavirus restrictions.

John Kline, 80, said he serenades his wife of 45 years because she has Alzheimer's, and he doesn't want her to forget him during their forced separation.

A video of the couple singing together was shot by an employee at the Montgomery nursing home and shared by Kline on Facebook.

Kline, who’s seen through a window screen, sings alongside his wife Ann, who is lying in bed. The heart-tugging video had at least 58,000 views and 1,400 shares as of Sunday morning.


“Through a Pane -- not a Pain. No visitors to John Knox Manor Nursing Home. Not my best singing -- so you probably won't want to listen,” John Kline wrote in the post. “I cut it off at 45 seconds. I love my Sweet Ann and look forward to spending eternity with her. God bless you for even looking -- and if you listened, well that was because you wanted to hear Ann.”

Last week, Alabama issued a statewide order limiting visitation at nursing homes and extended-care facilities to curb the spread of infection among the elderly, who are most vulnerable to the novel coronavirus.

The restrictions wouldn’t stop John Kline's daily visits with his wife, also 80, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 17 years ago. Before the new measures, he would finish his day as a distinguished professor of leadership at Troy University and head over to spend a few hours with Ann, sharing dinner and a goodnight kiss.

"I've always said how much I love her, 'til death do us part," Kline told the Montgomery Advertiser on Friday. "But I'm trying to make the statement that no matter what happens, there's no reason to give up on love. If she gets where she doesn't know me, I will still go see her, because I will still know her."

Kline said he now spends about 15 minutes a day outside his wife’s window singing songs from the 1950s and church hymns, such as “Jesus Loves Me,” to help her remember their times together.


“He doesn’t want her to forget him, and it’s very important for him to be here singing so she doesn’t lose her ability to do that,” John Knox administrator Terri Howell, told a TV station.