North Carolina town told not to wash clothes for 5 days

Residents of a North Carolina town have been asked to give up doing laundry for a week by city officials.

Surf City made the request in a Facebook post last week, saying Public Works crew would begin "a directional flush of the hydrants and waterlines" from Oct. 7 through Oct. 11.

“The purpose of this flush is to remove excess iron from the water lines,” officials explained on Facebook.

The post didn't explain why the water would be unsafe for clothes, but added that all Pender County Island residents would be affected.

The water should clear up through normal use, the post assured. Some residents jokingly reacted while others were in disbelief. One user wondered if the post was from this year.


Another wrote: "It’s gonna be murder catching up with our families of 5, and extracurricular activities/sports."

Calls to Surf City's Public Works Department were not immediately returned.