North Carolina man tried to choke girlfriend, then decapitated her dog, police say

A Fayetteville, N.C., man has been arrested after allegedly attempting to choke his girlfriend and using a hatchet to decapitate her dog.

Antonio Hollywood Campbell, 18, was charged with domestic violence, animal cruelty and possession of a weapon of mass destruction, Raleigh's WTVD-TV reported.

His girlfriend, Jordan Stevens, told authorities that Campbell had choked her and that she required treatment for neck pain at a nearby hospital, the station reported.

Stevens claimed Campbell accusing her of talking to other men, and pushed her face down into his bed, sat on her and choked her, WTVD reported.

The woman also told police about three weeks ago that Campbell threatened her pet, saying, "Well, if you ain't gonna be with me, then I am going to kill the dog," the Raleigh News & Observer reported.

Campbell allegedly tied a leash around the dog’s neck and twirled the puppy in the air before tying the animal to the back of his vehicle and dragging the dog several feet, the TV station reported.

He then allegedly placed the dog between two cinderblocks and chopped the puppy’s head off.

Authorities discovered the hatchet, remains of the puppy, the cinderblocks used in decapitating the dog as well as a sawed-off shotgun while raiding Campbell’s house Monday, the newspaper reported.