NJ fishing crew reels in monstrous shark to possibly set new state record

A fishing crew reeled in a 926-pound shark on Saturday off the New Jersey coast, possibly the largest shark catch in the state's history.

The crew on the fishing boat named the Jenny Lee caught the Mako shark while fishing in Hudson Canyon, about 100 miles off the coast of New Jersey, according to NJ.com.

"It's a pretty awesome feeling," Kevin Gerrity, captain of the Jenny Lee,  told the news site. "We saw him swimming up to the boat. We didn't think we were going to get him, but we got him."

"We were able to get him with a skipjack fillet with a squid combo as his last meal," Gerrity added.


The crew spent about 90 minutes reeling in the shark. It was so massive that some members almost went overboard as they brought the shark closer to the boat.

The mako shark could be the heaviest one caught in New Jersey history. The current record weight is an 880-pound tiger shark that was caught in 1988, according to the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife.