New York City nanny who murdered two kids gets life sentence

Killer Manhattan nanny Yoselyn Ortega was sentenced to the maximum prison sentence of life without parole Monday for fatally stabbing two of her little charges, Lulu and Leo Krim — after devastating statements from the children’s parents.

Kevin and Marina Krim brought many in the packed courtroom to tears as they talked about their horrific ordeal and how they survived it.

Meanwhile, Ortega remained stone-faced.

Marina first talked about the couple's only surviving daughter, Nessie, who was 3 when her siblings were killed.


"Each time she makes a wish, it's always for Lulu and Leo to come back to us. Nessie knows that wish will never come true," the mom said, struggling to fight back tears. The couple’s two sons, "Felix and Linus, born after the murders, never got the chance to meet Lulu and Leo. But I see Lulu and Leo living within all three of the kids every day."

She ripped Ortega and her family, who were blamed for setting them up with the deeply troubled women, lying to get her the job.

"My family and I, we create and built. The defendant and her family, they destroy and ruin," Marina said. "The defendant set out to destroy what Kevin and I had created and built — and inspired, happy, thriving family. But she failed.

"The defendant’s son, Jesus Frias, sat in front of a traumatized jury, winking and grinning at the jury members as if it were some kind of reality TV show he wants to win," the mom said. "What is wrong with them?"

Her husband’s statement included what he read at a November 2012 memorial service for their dead children.

"I'm not really giving a eulogy today. Because I want to talk about all our kids. We called them Team Krim," Kevin said.

He said they called Lulu "Our Little Buddha."

"We were madly in love" with Leo, too, the dad added.

"We miss them so, so much.

"We miss picking Leo up out of his crib, with a happy 'Mama' or 'Dada' from him and always a big hug.

"We miss holding their hands as we walked down the sidewalk.

"We miss attempting to argue them out of a Mr. Softee cone, and losing most of the time.

"We miss hearing them call out my name and run to hug me when I got home from work."

Calling Ortega "an evil and utterly dangerous narcissist and a complete failure," Kevin addressed Judge Gregory Carro.

"I trust that you do not need this request from Lulu and Leo's dad after all you've heard and seen, but I will make it anyway: in your sentencing decision, please follow the law as you always have … by ensuring that the defendant can never leave prison alive," the dad said.

"The defendant knows nothing of responsibility or remorse. She should also know nothing of hope."

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