New Mexico High School Teacher Put on Leave Over Student Sex Survey

A New Mexico teacher is on paid leave after administering a sex survey to ninth-grade biology students without parental consent, reports.

The four-question survey, designed to keep students anonymous while teaching about disease and infection, asked students at Rio Rancho High School in Albuquerque to list who they had kissed in the past six months and whether they are sexually active.

The district said the survey was intended to be used school-wide to teach students about how disease spreads, but some parents said it went a little too far because of the type of questions it asked, according to the station.

"I wouldn't have agreed to any of this," said parent Paul Bustamante. "I think it's too much for kids to be involved in that stuff, to even experience in that stuff. They're too young for that," he said.

Rio Rancho School District spokeswoman Kim Vessley said the district is investigating to determine whether the teacher will be disciplined. Vessley said both the student handbook and district policies clearly state that any type of survey that discusses sexual behaviors must have parental consent.

The teacher will remain on paid leave until the investigation wraps up, officials said. The district said it's unclear just how many students took the survey.

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