New Jersey School District Bans Halloween Costumes at School

A New Jersey school district is reportedly preventing students from wearing costumes to school this Halloween season, claiming the costumes are disruptive in the classroom.

Principals at Springfield public schools sent out a letter to parents saying costumes are not allowed to be worn during school hours this year, the Springfield Patch reports.

The new policy has angered many Springfield elementary school students, some of whom attended a recent meeting of the Township Board to voice their opposition, according to the newspaper.

"We all still understand we can not wear masks or other things to cover our faces because it’s a safety issue," one fifth grade student at Sandmeier Elementary School told the newspaper. "But I do not understand why we cannot wear costumes on Halloween."

"Dressing up in costumes is one of the best parts of Halloweeen," another student reportedly said. “After homework, there isn’t much time to get dressed up for Halloween.”

Springfield Schools Superintendent Michael Davino, meanwhile, says he is asking teachers to lighten the homework load so that students can have enough time to wear their costumes and trick-or-treat after school, according to the newspaper.

"I don’t believe that dressing up is something that is necessary to do at school," Davino reportedly said. "I do believe it is something you should do with your friends, believe it is something you should do with your family, and it is something you should do as an activity that has really nothing to do with school or about school."

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